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The Everchanging Sailormoon Gateway
This is my friend's, Janelle's page! Check out her fanfics, Sailormoon Zodiac & Sailormoon Neo. See my two songs, "I Felt" and "Zodiac".
The Sailor Senshi Page
This is my friend's, Jackie's page! Check out her fanfics, Sailormoon Elemental and Senshi Kurai.
The Always Changing WishBone PaGe
This is my sister's page. Right now, it has nothing, but soon she'll be posting, if not, I'll take this link off.
Sonic Stories Extravaganza
Not really the name, but read my friend's, Rob and Francis' stories! They rule!
The Lunar Fanficton Junction
Visit my buddie, James' site! See my story, "The Death Of Borgan".
A Sailor Moon Romance
This page is filled with Sailormoon romance stories! I LUV IT!
Sailormoon Fanfiction Reviews
See what I think of the Sailormoon fanfic's I've read.
The SOS Homepage
Please save Sailormoon! Go here and become a true "Moonie"! She might be coming back, but that doesn't mean the help has to stop!!
SOS Logo Page
This is where you can get SOS logos.
The SOS Logo Gallery
See my fav SOS Logs. Not many, but, it'll do for now.
Francine's Samurai Pizza Cat Page
This is a cool SPC page, and watch for one of my stories, coming soon!
The Sailor Moon Hentai Home Page!
This site is owned by my friend, Carlos Vincent. OA of the series!
The Freedom Fighter's Home Page!
Now Rob and Francis' stories are on their own page!
An ANIMEted Mess!
See my fav animated stuff! It'll make ya dizzy! @_@!
The Sailor Saturn FanClub
Go here and join it like I did, become a VIP like me!!! I love this club!!!!
Ganymede's Palace
This very good page belongs to my other friend named James Han, who is one of my closest friends on the net. :) Enjoy as much as I have! ^_^
The Action Animanga Zone!!!!!
This is a page by my very good friend Fred on mIRC, it's of my fav anime, Rurouni Kenshin! Do check it out!
Neptune's Palace: The Sailor Neptune Shrine
This is a page done by my adopted c-mom, Michiru Kaioh. I love it!
Mekton's Page
This is my friend Mekton's page, *smiles*, enjoy!
The Official Rurouni Kenshin Romansu HomePage!
This is my RF fanfic series!
The Official Sailormoon Crystal HomePage!
This is my 2nd SM fanfic series!
My Rurouni Kenshin Pic Gallery! (Kiss the scar, baby! ^.^x <--)
The title tells you what it is about!!
Hitokiri Battowai-sai's HomePage!
Another wonder RK page!


The Sailor Libra Shrine
This is my shrine to my favorite SMZodiac character..Sailor Libra..
The Sailor Wood Shrine
This is my shrine to my favorite SMElemental character..Sailor Wood..
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Tell me what you think of my shrines. Send pic's, do something!
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